Fenix HM71R

The Fenix HM71R headlamp is a powerful outdoor lighting option with 2700 lumens of brightness and a beam distance of 230 meters. It offers a long runtime of up to 100 hours and can be easily recharged via USB Type-C. With a waterproof and shockproof design, multiple light modes, and user-friendly operation, it’s a reliable and versatile choice for outdoor adventures and professional use.

NOBLEX NF 10×42 R Advanced Laser Range Finder Binocular: Excellence in Optics

The NOBLEX NF 10×42 R advanced laser range finder binocular, a product of the venerable NOBLEX E-Optics GmbH, is a testament to the company’s 150-year legacy of excellence in optics, mechanics, and electronics. This high-performance device showcases the innovation and passion that has defined NOBLEX and its predecessors, such as Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss.

The NF 10×42 R, part of the esteemed Advanced Line, offers superior viewing thanks to its multi-coated lens elements and a large field of view. Its integrated laser rangefinder can accurately determine distances on game up to 1,200 meters and reflective objects up to 2,300 meters, providing an impressive accuracy of within 1 meter in just 0.3 seconds. Whether you are exploring nature or hunting in the mountains, the NOBLEX NF 10×42 R advanced laser range finder binocular delivers precision and clarity unparalleled in the world of optoelectronics.

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