At first glance, the P7.2 flashlight from the Ledlenser company in Solingen doesn't look like a flashlight that you absolutely want to have. It's not the brightest, doesn't have the longest range, and it's not waterproof either.
However, there is a reason why this flashlight has also been used by authorities such as the police for years. The concept behind this flashlight is well thought out and primarily appeals to professional users.
It starts with the holster. Many holsters from other manufacturers are often just a simple bag made from a piece of polyamide fabric (nylon). A flashlight can be stored in it. However, if you take it out, it collapses and you can only put the lamp back with effort and with the help of both hands. This poses a high risk, especially in stressful or dangerous situations.
The developers at Ledlenser also seem to have recognized this problem and are supplying the flashlight with a holster that makes it possible to easily put the flashlight back into the holster with just one hand and without looking. Even with gloves it's not a problem.
The flashlight itself can also be operated with just one hand. The switch at the end of the lamp is so big that it can also be easily operated with gloves. You can choose between three different light functions. Mid power, low power and high power. This provides the right light for almost every situation.
A special feature of the Ledlenser flashlights is the special focus system. A combination of lens and reflector can be moved steplessly towards the LED. This allows you to switch between a strongly focused beam for long distances or a wide beam for the homogeneous illumination of large areas.
The many advantages of this lamp far outweigh the disadvantages mentioned at the beginning.
It is a flashlight that is always at hand and works reliably without complicated operation.

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