I had the opportunity to extensively test the new HC01 Noctua from Brinyte. It is a compact and lightweight headlamp with numerous features and impressive brightness.


The HC01 Noctua weighs only 65 grams and comes with a built-in Li-Ion battery that can be conveniently charged via a USB-C connection. Alternatively, it can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries.

The lamp is equipped with a total of three different LEDs.

The main LED delivers an impressive 1000 lumens and has a range of 126 meters, making it ideal for illuminating distant objects. This LED can be activated separately at any time.

In addition to the main LED, there is a red LED and another white LED. These LEDs can be switched on via a small button on the top of the lamp and each have two brightness levels. They produce an evenly diffused light that is excellent for close-up work or illuminating nearby objects. The red LED is especially suitable for hunting.

red LED with status LED on the right

The battery status indicator at the front of the lamp is particularly useful. Four small LEDs are located here, indicating the battery level every time the headlamp is operated.

Another advantage of this lamp is its flexibility. The lamp can be rotated 360 degrees while worn on the headband. Additionally, it can easily be removed from the bracket and used as a conventional flashlight.

The headband is also very practical as it can be rolled up easily. This makes the lamp space-saving and ready for transport, and the band won’t get tangled.

rolled up headband and removed headlamp

In conclusion, the HC01 Noctua by Brinyte is a compact, highly powerful, and practical headlamp. Thanks to its versatile features, it is ideal for various applications, whether it’s camping, hunting, hiking, or other outdoor activities. This lamp meets nearly all expectations.

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