The Fenix HM71R headlamp is a powerful light with impressive technical features. With a maximum brightness of 2700 lumens and a beam distance of up to 230 meters, it provides bright illumination and good visibility even in dark environments.

The HM71R has a long runtime of up to 100 hours, making it a reliable companion for extended outdoor adventures and nighttime operations. The included 21700 lithium battery with 5000mAh can be conveniently recharged via the USB Type-C port.

USB Type C charging port

One of the standout features of this headlamp is its versatility, as it can be used both as a headlamp and a handheld flashlight. One end of the lamp is also magnetic, allowing it to be placed anywhere, making it adaptable to various situations. The operation is easy and straightforward, even with gloves or in stressful moments. There is a large rubberized power button on the side, and a status LED inside it indicates the battery’s charging status.

magnetic bottom
switch with status LED

The HM71R is built to be robust and durable. It is water and shock-resistant, meaning it can withstand rain or impacts while delivering reliable performance. The headband is comfortable and adjustable to ensure a secure fit on the head.

In practice, the Fenix HM71R headlamp impresses with its remarkable brightness and even illumination. The various lighting modes allow for individual adjustment to the specific situation. There is an LED that can be used as a thrower to illuminate objects at a great distance, and an LED that acts as a floodlight, providing a homogenous illumination of a closer area.

thrower mode
homogenous floodlight

The energy-saving function is particularly practical as it automatically adjusts the brightness to extend battery life. This allows for maximum runtime when a longer operation time is required.

Comparison to the HM70R

If you compare the HM71R to the HM70R there are not too much differences. Both are very bringt and perfect for almost every situtation. But if you are looking for a headlamp that can be used as a working lamp than you should take the HM71R. The HM70R is perfect for everybody that needs a headlamp for every outdoor activity. For example hiking, biking or hunting.

The Fenix HM71R headlamp offers an impressive combination of brightness, range, battery life, and versatility. Whether for outdoor adventures, camping trips, emergency situations, or professional use, this headlamp meets the demands of discerning users. With its solid construction, user-friendly operation, and outstanding performance, the HM71R is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable and powerful headlamp.

The HM71R is perfect for almost ervery outdoor activity

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