In the past, a thermal imaging camera was considered an unaffordable device that was reserved for professionals only. But for a few years there have also been affordable cameras from various manufacturers. One of these models is the Reveal XR fastframe from the American manufacturer Seek thermal. It's a simple, compact thermal imaging camera that's small enough to fit in any pocket.

The integrated battery lasts up to 10 hours and can be charged via Micro USB. This means that the camera is ready to use almost anytime and anywhere. The housing looks very robust and the rubberized side edges make the camera comfortable to hold.
The camera has a sensor with a resolution of 206×156 pixels. This resolution is sufficient to recognize people or animals, for example. People or larger animals can still be recognized from a distance of more than 100 meters.

People about 120 meters away in the middle of the picture

A cat about 3 meters away (left) and about 20 meters away (right)

Temperatures can be measured in a range from -40° to 330°C. This also sets this device apart from other manufacturers, who can often only display a smaller temperature range.
The menu is very manageable. There are not many setting options here. This makes operation easier. There are only 7 different color representations of the thermal image available.
The displayed images can be saved on a micro SD card.
The display brightness can be varied greatly. A dark display is very helpful at night in order not to lose night vision.
In addition to the thermal imaging sensor, there is also an LED with a maximum of 300 lumens. The lamp can be operated regardless of the operating status of the rest of the camera via an easily accessible side switch. There are two freely adjustable light levels available. The power of this lamp is sufficient for most applications and you do not need a separate flashlight.

This thermal imaging camera is mainly aimed at hunters, security services or people who want to track down objects, people or animals, as it has a longer range and a higher frame rate compared to other cameras. Operation could hardly be easier. Simply switch it on and after a few seconds a thermal image will be displayed.

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