The Earmor M300T is a high-performance active hearing protection headset with Bluetooth capabilities, designed for tactical use in military, law enforcement, hunter and shooting sports like ipsc. It combines effective noise reduction, advanced communication features, and enhanced situational awareness, making it an ideal choice for professionals in high-noise environments.

Design and Build Quality

The Earmor M300T has some special features that are truly outstanding:

  • Slim Earcup: make them very light and comfortable
  • Gel Earpad: very comfortable to wear even over a longer period of time
  • Easy to use: It only has a multifunctional knob and a rotary control. This makes it easy to set all functions.
gel earpads
slim design
control button on the side

Noise Reduction

With a Noise suppression exceeding 82db in less than 1ms the M300T effectively protects hearing in environments with loud, hazardous noises, such as shooting ranges and construction sites.

Active Hearing Protection

The Earmor M300T includes advanced active hearing protection technology:

  • Sound Amplification: Enhances low-level sounds, enabling users to hear conversations and ambient noises clearly.
  • Noise Suppression: Automatically reduces the volume of loud noises, such as gunshots, to safe levels.

Power and Battery Life

The headset typically uses standard AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries, offering several hours of continuous use.

powered by 2 AAA batteries

Connectivity and Integration

The headphones are equipped with bluetooth. This means you can easily connect them to your mobile phone and listen to music or make calls. The sound quality when making calls is excellent. This means you can use the hearing protection not only for shooting but also for working in a noisy environment and listening to music at the same time without any problems


The Earmor M300T Bluetooth Active Hearing Protection Headset is a top-tier choice for those needing reliable hearing protection and communication capabilities in noisy environments. Its combination of noise reduction, Bluetooth connectivity, and user-friendly design makes it suitable for tactical professionals, shooting enthusiasts, hunter and anyone requiring high-performance hearing protection. With its durable build and advanced features, the Earmor M300T stands out as a versatile and dependable headset for various demanding applications.

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