Templars Gear PT6 Tactical Belt

Whoever deals with the topic of handguns, even as a hunter, will eventually come to the point where they have to train as well. But where do you attach all that stuff (holster, magazine holder, etc.)? In my search for a practical belt, I was recommended the Templars Gear belt thanks to competent advice.

And what can I say? This thing is simply amazing!! But why exactly?

First of all, one notices that the belt is composed of two parts. It consists of an inner belt with hook-and-loop fastener, which can be used as a regular belt on its own. The inner belt is completely flexible and has hook-and-loop fastener on one side only, while the other side is made of smooth fabric – making it inconspicuous to wear. The outer belt is then attached to this inner belt using hook-and-loop pads. And here we come to the first advantage of THIS belt: it does not have a continuous hook-and-loop surface, but instead, it includes self-adhesive small pads that can be attached according to personal preference, but especially where necessary. This allows you to determine how strongly the two belts should be connected and where (e.g., on the holster) more grip is needed compared to areas where nothing is mounted.

The outer belt is then the actual „core“ because it is reinforced with sturdy plastic and covered with fabric. However, it features MOLLE-compatible cutouts that allow for the attachment of various parts such as holsters, IFAKs, etc. in various ways. For example, I have a holster that is threaded normally, but the mag pouches are directly screwed onto the belt – without any additional adapter!

The inner belt is closed using a buckle and hook-and-loop fastener:

The outer belt is closed with a so-called Tri-Point buckle. This is a click buckle with an additional „lock“ in the middle. You have to lift the central tab with a finger and only then can you press down on the two sides.

Yes, it’s not a Cobra buckle, but it is perfectly sufficient for the shooting range. Additionally, the buckle can be replaced with any other 40mm buckle.

This allows you to easily assemble your own setup and even build multiple different setups with a second outer belt. That’s exactly what I was looking for!

Because I need something different for the shooting range compared to, for example, driven hunts, where I only carry the pistol as a last resort.

Now, some may say, „Then do I need multiple holsters and mag pouches?“ It depends: If you get a holster with adapter options, the cost remains reasonable in this regard as well.

And while we’re talking about price: The belt costs around 60 euros in stores, which is absolutely reasonable considering its high-quality craftsmanship and modularity!

Description of manufacturer

The Templars Gear PT6 Tactical Belt is a lightweight belt set consisting of an outer and inner belt.

Made from laser-cut CURV material and coated with laminate, this is the lightest belt from Templars Gear. The PT6 with the inner belt weighs only 200g. The lightweight Tri-Point buckle can be replaced with any other 40mm buckle, such as a Cobra buckle. Manufactured in the Molle standard, it is 38mm (1.5 inches) wide and can also accommodate Tek-Lock and other attachment options. The belt is made of durable Cordura 500D-based laminate, with an IRR coating.

The PT6 set includes:

  • PT6 belt with buckle
  • Inner belt with hook-and-loop fastener
  • Outer belt width: approximately 52mm
  • Inner belt width: approximately 46mm
  • Lengths: approximately S = 84-92cm, M = 92-100cm, L = 100-108cm
  • Weight: approximately 200g (size M)
  • Made in the EU

It is available in various solid colors or camo prints. I chose multicam-black!

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