Dörr Universal Smartphone-Adapter SA-1

Smartphone-Adapter by Dörr

While hunting or enjoying nature, there are often situations where one experiences something interesting, impressive, or unique. One would like to not only keep these experiences in mind but also capture them in photos or videos. However, not everyone carries a camera and a good lens with them, but most people have a smartphone!

Now, one can try to align the binoculars/spotting scope/monocular and the smartphone together (with much finger/hand contortion) to take a shot. Usually, it ends up being extremely shaky, resulting in a blurry image or missing the moment one wanted to capture.

I have encountered this situation many times, so I searched for something that would fit in my hunting backpack, be easy to handle, and connect my smartphone and monocular (in my case) together with minimal shaking. That’s when I came across the smartphone adapter from Dörr!

It’s a small tool that can be quickly mounted onto the eyepiece after initial adjustment, allowing for easy and fast capturing of great shots.

The adapter is suitable for smartphones with a width of approximately 56-98mm and binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars with an eyepiece diameter of approximately 26-54mm.

Before the first use, you need to adjust the adapter so that the camera is directly centered above the hole in the ring adapter. If you also remember or mark a spot on the phone to always align it in the same position within the phone holder, the adapter will be ready for use within seconds. You just need to tighten or loosen the adapter ring until it securely fits onto the eyepiece.

It’s best to use the adapter in conjunction with a tripod-mounted binoculars, spotting scope, or monocular, as this method provides the most stability. Alternatively, the adapter itself has a tripod mounting option. However, the weight of the optic should not be too heavy in that case.

Link: Universal Smartphone Fotoadapter SA-1 für Spektive | Dörr GmbH (doerr-outdoor.de)

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