Guns-N-Ranges Host reviews this shooting range in St. Peters, Missouri that has a indoor shoot house and explain the IMPORTANCE of why shoot house training is critical when owning a CCW.

When it comes to a shooting range that offers more than just the common training courses, Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center is the first range that comes to mind. Located in St. Peters Missouri, this range is Missouri’s largest Concealed Carry training provider. Ultimate Defense features a state-of-the-art indoor firing range, a full line retail operation, a dedicated shoot house training center and even a dedicated classroom facility. When having a CCW it is always a better choice to take some courses that involve simunition that will help you learn how to think quickly and respond correctly in high stress situations. Just shooting down ranges at a non moving target is no way to train when having the responsibility of owning a CCW.

Courses Offered

I recently got the opportunity to meet the owner Paul and explore the facility. During my visit I was fortunate to see how cool and effective the Civilian Response to Armed Confrontation (CRAC) classes are. And to make things even more challenging this specific version of the course was in a low light setting. The course features numerous scenarios with lethal and nonlethal intentions. During the course you are placed in the big shoot house that is ready for live simunition gun fire and you are wearing protective gear. There are also instructors dressed in protective gear and armed with simunition guns as well and they play as actors in their different scenarios. One of my favorite scenarios I experienced was where the shoot house is configured like a home with multiple rooms. So this scenario plays out like this, imagine it’s dark out and you arrive at your home with the door wide open. The first thing you do is enter your home with your firearm and a flashlight. Keep in mind that it’s always smart to only flash your light to see and then turn the light back off, you never want to keep your flashlight on because it will give away your position, Okay, so you are entering the house and you start to clear rooms and you notice your bedroom main bathroom light is on. You immediately open the bathroom door and find a male teenager using the toilet, now you are confronted with a kid and you are demanding he leave. While you are telling this kid to leave,  a female teenager comes in calling his name and stumbles in on you two and now this other teenager is with the first kid. What do you do and how do you handle the situation? Luckily none of the 10 students shot at these tenagers and only yelled at them to leave the house. Now let’s talk about how stressful that can be in real life, it could be very scary and luckily classes like these teach you how to handle and properly handle high stress situations.

What is taught in these types of courses are the ability to think before pulling the trigger and to assess the situation before just shooting. I strongly believe these types of courses are a critical asset to conceal carry holders and are very much encouraged. They even have classes on how to react and handle a possible carjacking. Having interactive courses like these that involve loud pops with shells flying  and human interaction, it gives a student a sense of humility and gives them a learning experience that is 100 times better than just pointing at a non moving target while you shoot at it with no stress and fear of the paper target shooting back. Ultimate Defense also offers private one-on-one training, and more advanced training for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, as well as Civilian Response to Armed Confrontation (CRAC) and Women’s Self Defense.  So I highly recommend you check out Ultimate Defense in St. Peters Missouri when you are ready to learn and earn the confidence that may help you if you ever have to defend yourself or others.

The Range

Their range is indoor and features three shooting bays with 18 lanes! The range also incorporates the latest firing range equipment as well as state of the art HVAC and air filtration technologies.

LArgest Caliber to Shoot

I was informed that Ultimate Defense allows up to .50 Beowulf, So I brought my own .50 Beo build but in the AR Pistol form. I knew this was not only going to be fun but possibly embarrassing if I hurt myself shooting such a big round on a pistol platform with only a cheek pad where an arm brace should be.

Don’t worry if you can’t picture how ridiculous that is, I have the video of this whole experience posted at the bottom of this article. So I shot it and was impressed on how much recoil there was even on a pistol version, and the concussion was such a great deep thump that someone near my shooting bay had to step back and ask, ”What in the world was that?” . All I could do was smile like I hit the lotto.

Coolest Gun to Rent

They have over 100 guns available for you to rent and so that made my choice pretty hard at first until I saw the Kriss Vector .45 ACP with a faux suppressor on the wall. I immediately rented that bad boy and took it for a 100 rd test run and I had such a blast. I have read about the recoil on this gun before and for me to actually experience it knowing the engineering behind the design, it was such an honor.


So in conclusion,  I know why Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center was awarded the coveted 5-star rating with the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They have a great collection of guns for sale and rental along with all the awesome products available in the full fledged retail shop. Featuring amazing training courses for the beginner and the advanced, So please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a visit to Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center in St Peters Missouri…you won’t regret it.

Check out the full video tour of the range here:

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center – 590 Turner Blvd, St Peters, MO 63376

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