We visit a ONE of a kind range that offers A GREAT STATE OF THE ART SHOOTING FACILITY and BBQ

When it comes to going shooting, there usually is a long prep beforehand. Well for me there is at least. I have to pack and make sure I have everything I will need at the range and then I gotta get something to eat because it’s never fun to shoot on an empty stomach. Now with Sharp Shooters STL,  I no longer have to worry about needing to eat because they actually serve some of the best St. Louis style BBQ you can ask for. This One-of-a-kind club restaurant called  SharpShooter Pit and Grill, boasts fresh smoked meats that are prepared daily. They even have indoor and outdoor seating. So for the first time I get to eat real good before going to get some range time in.  This is definitely ONE OF A KIND!

Courses Offered

Sharp Shooters has a Premier law-enforcement training program and educational institution along with two large classrooms to accommodate an extensive list of training classes. The classes they offer are Basic or advance  handgun, ladies only handgun, Refuse to be a victim NRA seminar, Carbine/Rifle, Shotgun, Missouri Conceal Carry, Private instruction, Couples private lessons, Hand gun cleaning, Security officer training and qualification, and a law enforcement only class.

The Range

Another 5 star rated range by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. This new state of the art facility features 20 four foot wide shooting lanes with ballistic protective stalls and digital retrieval systems. The 20 lanes are broken down into 4 five-lane bays. The all steel total containment bullet trap at STL Sharpshooter is the dominant industry standard for modern heavy-duty steel bullet traps which allow our guests to shoot most large caliber long guns.

Largest Caliber to shoot

The largest caliber to shoot at this range is my total favorite. The one and only .50 BMG! That is right, the beast of all beast!


Collest Gun to rent

I must say I did smile pretty big when I discovered they have a Mini Thirty (7.62×39) available for rent. If you love the mini 14 but ever wanted to try it with a larger round and better reliability, this is the mini you want to try.


Once again I am very impressed, they have a 3500 square foot gun store, complete with firearms, ammunition, accessories and educational material. Then to top all of that off they even have a full service jewelry store. I mean this is the perfect setup for couples, you can take the significant other on a date  to some good BBQ and then hit the range while she enjoys the jewelry store…. That’s a win win! With such a big facility they also have Ample parking, elevator service between floors, event party space, and police security for guest safety.


In conclusion,  If you love shooting guns, good ole St louis style BBQ and impressing the ladies with something shiny make sure you treat you and your other half to a trip to Sharp Shooters St. louis in Affton, Missouri. They have even been awarded the Affton Chamber of Commerce’s Area Beautification award for their new construction efforts.


Sharp Shooters St. Louis Shooting Range – 8135 Gravois Rd, St. Louis, MO 63123

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