The Nextool Frigate is more than just an ordinary folding spade. The term multitool is more appropriate. Folded up in the supplied nylon bag, it fits in any backpack or trunk. So you can take it with you on any adventure.
When the spade is needed, it is ready to use within a few seconds.

The first and most important function is of course the shovel to be able to dig holes. As with many models, a nut is loosened at the end of the bucket. The shovel can then be rotated 90 degrees and 180 degrees to the handle. The shovel is locked again with the previously loosened nut. The handle consists of individual aluminum elements that can be screwed together as you wish. From the small spade for inaccessible places to the full-fledged shovel for convenient work, everything is possible.
If the shovel is turned just 90 degrees, you get a practical hoe.
Several little helpers are hidden in the handle. It contains, among other things, a compass, fire steel, signal whistle, Phillips and slotted bit and a glass breaker in the end cap.
The shovel made of high-quality stainless steel also has many functions: a saw, belt cutter, various Allen keys and a bottle opener.
Conclusion: With the Frigate from Nextool you get a true all-rounder. This spade offers a variety of functions and still has a very compact pack size. By selecting high-quality materials, the required tasks are reliably fulfilled. This tool should not be missing in any survival kit.

Author: #upgrayedd

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