The KOVEA Spider remote canister stove comes with a piezo igniter for easy ignition the fuel. Normally the stoves canister connection is for screw / threaded gas canisters but can be extended for usage with others types of gas canister by using several KOVEA adapters. This particular set comes with the PAT-Adaptor which enables the user to connect Campingaz canisters. All comes packed neatly in a little bag.

To use the stove the legs are folded out, these lock in place and also hold the pot. The gas canister is connected to the hose. Then the valve is opened slowly and the outcoming gas can be lit with the piezo igniter. For cold weather operation the gas canister can be turned upside down to burn liquid gas. A cold weather advantage is a copper tube which preheats the flowing gas while the stove is in operation.

A titanium mug filled with 300ml of water boils in around 4 minutes. The Pots lid is used as an extension for the mugs’ small diameter. If you use a larger pot (with lid) you will get a faster boil time.

The stove is great for campers and bush-crafters who need a versatile gas stove for cold weather conditions. In addition, spare parts are also available. In Europe the stove can be ordered from . As an accessory a windshield can be added ttps:// . There are also sets available for order which contain two adaptors with the stove and a „Prepper Pack“ which comes with all adapters with which u can use all kinds of gas canisters.

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