The T18 Artemis from Brinyte is a handy flashlight that is very well suited for hunting thanks to its functions. It has 650 lumens and a beam range of up to 650 meters. It is approx. 170mm long and has a head diameter of approx. 55mm.

The scope of delivery includes LED modules in white, red, green and infrared. These can be changed within a very short time. To do this, simply unscrew the lamp head and unscrew the existing LED. With the LED changed, everything is reassembled in the opposite way. This process can also be done outdoors with little light with a little practice
Each light color can be easily focused by turning the lamp head. Half a turn is enough to transform the lamp from a flooder into a thrower with an extremely focused beam and a range of several hundred meters.

Unlike most lamps, this one has a wireless remote control. It can be switched on and off and also dimmed steplessly. The remote control can be charged via Micro USB and has a range of approx. 5 meters. There is also a tactical switch at the end of the lamp. If this is activated, the lamp always lights up at full power.

The lamp itself is powered by a 21700 lithium battery. This has an integrated USB-C charging socket and small LEDs on the top. This means that the battery can be charged directly with any suitable cable without a charger
This flashlight is not intended as a hobby or EDC lamp. With its properties, it is aimed specifically at hunters. But Brinyte manages to inspire with innovative ideas again.

Author: #upgrayedd

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