The PT28 Oathkeeper is a tactical flashlight from Brinyte. It is powered by a 18650 lithium battery with 3100mAh and thus achieves 1600 lumens. It has a length of approx. 140mm and a diameter of less than 30mm. With these dimensions, the lamp lies wonderfully in the hand.

It has two switches. The lamp is switched on and off with the tail cap switch. The light level can be adjusted with the side switch. A small light-emitting diode in the side switch uses different colors to indicate the charge status of the battery. Opposite this switch is the connection for the charging cable. The USB charging cable holds independently with a magnetic closure.
Unlike most lights on the market, there is a tactical ring at the end of the light. This ring can be mounted in a 0 degree and 180 degree position. Even if the lamp looks a bit impractical at first glance, this ring has advantages. It's easier to take them out of the holster and hold them in your hand more securely. Even in stressful situations you can't lose the lamp because it's still held with one finger. With a diameter of 27mm, the ring is also large enough to operate the lamp with gloves. But it can also be removed if you don't need it.

With four different brightness levels and 1600 lumens, this lamp offers enough light for every situation. It is not a range monster, but illuminates large areas of up to more than 200 meters in a clearly recognizable manner. In the middle is a brighter spot. However, the edge areas are still illuminated very brightly. The brightness levels are changed by pressing the side switch. By repeatedly pressing one of the switches, a strobe or SOS mode can be activated.
The lamp comes with a very practical and well thought-out holster. Unlike other manufacturers, this holster has multiple functions. It is stiff enough not to collapse when the lamp is removed. Thus, the lamp can be easily put back with just one hand. The belt clip is connected to the holster with a rotating and pluggable connection. Thus, the lamp can always be carried in the desired position, no matter where it is attached. The clip is open at the bottom and can therefore also be attached to the belt without opening it. Another handy detail is a small pocket on the side of the holster for an extra battery. An opening at the top and bottom of the closed holster allows the lamp to be used while it is in the holster.
The lamp is rated IP68 and waterproof to a depth of 1 meter. It can therefore be used in any weather. This lamp even survives a fall into the water without damage.
The PT28 Oathkeeper is a tactical flashlight that stands out from many competing products with a few small additional functions and actually leaves nothing to be desired. So you are prepared for every situation.

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