The Acebeam L17 is a compact flashlight. Due to its short length of approx. 14cm, it can easily be taken anywhere. This lamp is operated with a lithium battery of the type 18650. The supplied battery can be charged directly via the integrated micro USB socket. An extra charger is therefore not required.
The lamp itself has a tactical switch on the back that is easy to grip and large enough to easily operate with gloves on. This switch can be used to select the different light modes (turbo, high, mid, low, ultra-low, strobe). There is a suitable mode for every situation.

The special thing about this lamp is the enormous range. It has a fixed focus and thus achieves a lighting range of over 800 meters with a luminous flux of 1400 lumens. It is therefore a perfect thrower. The light is very strongly directed towards the central focus. However, the edge areas are still illuminated weakly but evenly. This lamp is therefore very suitable for hunting or as a rescue and searchlight.
The nylon holster, like the lamp, is very well made and helps ensure that the lamp is always ready to hand.


The Acebeam L17 is a very powerful pocket-sized thrower. It is not the first choice for everyday use as it is very focused. But if you are looking for a compact lamp with an enormous range, you will be happy with it.

Author: #upgrayedd

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