The TA30 Max is a tactical flashlight from Nextorch. With over 2000 lumens and a beam range of 250 meters, it leaves nothing to be desired.
The lamp has a large tactical switch on the back, with which you can immediately call up full light output or Stobe mode. The rotary switch can be used to choose between three different luminosity levels. The two switches are easy to operate even with gloves.
Balls made of nano ceramic are incorporated on the front. In an emergency, windows can easily be smashed with this.
The lamp is operated with a lithium battery of the type 21700 with 5000mAh. This battery can be easily charged via the integrated USB C port.
A first class accessory is the V51 tactical holster. The holster rotates 360 degrees and has a hole in the bottom. Thus, the lamp can also be used in the holster. It can be secured in the holster with just one lever. Falling out is therefore impossible.

Author: Michael Paa, Upgrayedd

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