Today I would like to introduce you to the HeatBank™6 from the well-known lighter manufacturer Zippo. The HeatBank™6 is an electrically operated hand warmer that can also be used as a power bank for charging mobile devices. No more clammy cold hands during outdoor activities without odor impairment.

The shape, similar to a giant bean, feels good in the hand and the control switch is easy to reach. Five different levels can be selected. The hand warmer is switched on by pressing the switch. This is held down for approx. 5 seconds until a lamp lights up. The desired intensity level can then be set by pressing the button again. It is switched off by pressing and holding the switch again for approx. 5 seconds. At level five, the highest level, the hand warmer heats up to approximately 49.1 °C.

The radiated heat is pleasant to the touch. The power bank function is activated by connecting the charging cable to the device to be charged. The hand warmer is charged with the supplied USB cable. If charging is to take place via a Schuko socket, a corresponding charger is required (not included). The light bars flash during the charging process. When fully charged, all lights are on. The battery status can also be read from the lamps.

This hand warmer is interesting for hunters, shooters, anglers, bushcrafters, etc. who need warm hands for fine motor activities. The hand warmer can be obtained from the relevant online retailers. For more information see .

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