The Zippo HeatBank 3 is a small, handy and light hand warmer with a built-in power bank. The operating time with a fully charged battery, which has a capacity of 1900 mAh, is about 2 hours. During operation, the HeatBank 3 reaches a measured temperature of 38 ºC.

The hand warmer is switched on via a switch. This switch is held down for about 5 seconds until the blue and red lights come on. The red light indicates that the heat mode is activated. The blinking interval of the red light indicates that when blinking slowly, the lower level of warm-up is activated and when blinking faster, the higher level of warm-up is activated. By pressing the switch you can switch between the two heating levels.

Three blue lights indicate a fully charged battery. If only a blue light lights up, the battery should be charged. The hand warmer is charged with the supplied USB cable. If you want to charge directly via a Schuko socket, you need a charger (not included) like a mobile phone.

For example, if you want to charge a mobile phone, you connect the hand warmer to the device to be charged using a USB cable. The charging function is activated automatically as soon as the devices are connected. The small hand warmer is ideal for tomorrow’s commute to work. In cold weather, when waiting for the train, well-being is increased. Even after the car has been de-iced, it can be used to warm up your hands again. For more information see .

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