The Earmor M31 hearing protection is an affordable active earmuff. It allows suppressing harmful noises in a noisy environment while amplifying soft sounds at the same time.

Conversations are therefore possible in any environment without any problems.

It is operated with two AAA batteries, which are used on the left and right. According to the manufacturer, it can be operated for up to 350 hours with one set of batteries.
Operation is child's play. There are three buttons on the right side, which are large enough to be operated well even when wearing gloves. These buttons are used to switch the hearing protection on and off and to control the volume.
An external audio source (e.g.: MP3 player) can be connected via a 3.5 mm jack socket.
Despite these features, this earmuff is thinner than many conventional models.

Further information and technical data are listed on the manufacturer's website.

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