The so-called cowboy matches as they appear in some western movies are presented here. Unlike normal matches, they are matches that can be ignited on a rough surface without the friction surface attached to the box. In a film box or similar container, these can be taken with you when you travel.

There are also storm proof matches. The company BCB from Wales has these in their program and are delivered directly in a watertight plastic container. Built like a sparkler, the lit match withstands strong wind and is not easily extinguished by spray water. Complete submersion (tested by myself) extinguishes the flame.

storm matches

The match heads are covered with a protective layer and protected from shocks with a cotton pad in the plastic box. It should also be emphasized that the matches are provided with a NATO stock number, which is a special quality feature. Water sports enthusiasts in particular will find suitable matches here.

BCB storm matches
Burning wind resitant match.

Another BCB product is the permanent match. It consists of a container filled with lighter fluid, with a snap hook and a match. The match is a small metal tube in which a wick and a striker (metal plate) are embedded. A firesteel is attached to the container itself. If you rub the striker of the match on the fire steel, the wick will ignite. As long as there is lighter fluid in the container, the match can be lit. The flame also resists wind better than regular matches.

permanent match, can be used several times.

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