Komponenten der Fenix HL 21 nach ausgelaufener Batterie

Inner parts of an LED headlamp (Fenix ​​HL21) Gear Components of the Fenix ​​HL 21 after a battery leak The Fenix ​​HL21 is a headlamp that runs on a standard AA battery. Different light intensities can be set according to the intended use via the switch. A sprinkler attachment is also included. After my lamp stopped working due to a leaking battery, I disassembled the lamp. Disassembly is a bit of a challenge without the right tools. All threads, except for the battery compartment cover, are glued with screw lock and cannot be loosened with bare hands. Clamping in a vise and a pipe wrench allows the threaded connections to be loosened. The housing cover can be easily removed with a screwdriver. The battery fluid has left corrosion damage on the circuit board and the leads to the battery compartment. The socket for the LED chip makes a high-quality impression that corresponds to the purpose. In everyday use, the lamp proves to be a helpful tool when reading while travelling. The protection against impacts can be improved and the battery compartment can be better protected from battery liquid.

Translation of the parts shown in the picture:

Reflektor und LED Fassung= reflector and LED socket

Platine = circuit board

Gehäuse = housing

Schalterabdeckung = lid for switch

Gehäuseabdeckung = housing lid

Batteriefachabdeckung = battery lid

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