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The Petromax Fire Piston or Fire Plunger is an unusual way of starting a fire. The principle is based on the heat generated when air is compressed. Due to the rapid compression, the air particles rub against each other so much that enough heat is generated to make the tinder glow. Everyone knows that an air pump gets warm when pumping up a tire. Air is also compressed here, which also generates heat.

Construction: The fire piston consists of an aluminum tube which is closed on one side. At the closed end is a reservoir containing Vaseline. The second part is the piston. This consists of an aluminum tube which fits into the larger tube. At one end of the thinner tube is a fitting for the O-ring. Replacement sealing rings are included. The sealing ring is greased with the petroleum jelly to seal the piston. The holder has a recess to hold the tinder, into which the tinder is pressed. The tinder is in the handle of the thinner tube in a storage container. It should be emphasized that the tinder container is unscrewable and there is a fire steel in the cavity of the thinner tube.

Handling way: To use the fire flask, first attach the sealing ring and grease it with the supplied Vaseline. Then remove tinder from the storage container and apply it to the recess above the sealing ring. Then the tinder flask is placed vertically with the tinder on top and the larger aluminum tube, the flask sleeve, which also contains the storage container for the Vaseline, is slipped over it. If everything is correct, you should feel resistance within the first few millimeters. Now the piston sleeve can be pressed down quickly. During this process, you should notice a noticeably increasing resistance. Then you pull off the piston sleeve and should, it takes practice, the tinder glow. By blowing lightly, the tinder is supplied with more oxygen and glows more intensely. To ignite a campfire, the glowing tinder can then be brought together with other tinder, such as dry grass or fine wood, to ignite. If it should not be possible to get the tinder to glow, it can be ignited with the fire steel. Tinder can either be obtained from Petromax or obtained yourself using pyrolysis.

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