Have you heard about Eka Knives ? Me neither, until my trip to Sweden in 2020 ,when I was presented to one of the many knives made by EKA.

At a first glance it felt different, the quality is unquestionable, the system is very interesting , the knife I saw was the G4, it has two steel blades that turns 180°  : in one edge you have a gutting knife and another is all-purpose edge, – two products in one, basically – but what impressed me is that you can disassemble the blade with a push of a button, it provides the clean process way more easy after use , a must-have for any hunter! And it comes with 10-years guarantee.

With so interesting features I bought it right away, but what does make EKA knives so special ?

Besides the Scandinavian design , the blade is made of SANDVIK 12C27™ that combines high hardness, exceptional toughness 57-59  at Rockwell C Scale, and good corrosion resistance against acid and salted water – also, for fishers recommended. Easy to sharp and it retains it sharpness.

The composition is tigher and the purity level is higher: only 0,6 % carbon and 13,5 % chrom, which means: a lifetime knife.

The handle is made of PROFLEX™, it feels comfortable in hand and provide a good grip due to the texture in it even if the hand is wet – perfect for the gut opening job – you can choose between three colors : Orange, black and Lime.

The knife comes in a black giftbox , included a kydex sheath that protect the edges and lock the knife and a belt clip that can turn 360°degrees , you can carry and turn the knife upon your preference.

The maintenance is simple and doesn’t require more than a good hygiene – for hunters is indispensable – the click system allows you quickly take the knife apart.


Weight: 158g

Blade thickness: 2.9mm

Blade Length: 215mm

My hunt in Sweden wasn’t a success but at least I got a lifetime knife that proved its worth.

Author: Guido Holzknecht

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