The ThruNite V6 Catapult is a real pocket-sized thrower. It is the latest lamp from the Catapult series. Despite its short length of approx. 13cm, it has a lighting range of up to 750m and a luminous flux of 1700 lumens. The flashlight fits comfortably in your hand and is operated via a switch on the side. Unfortunately, the switch is a bit small and does not provide enough feedback when pressed to safely operate the lamp with thicker gloves.
The lamp is operated with a lithium battery of the type 26650 with 5000mAh. This battery can be charged via a micro-USB socket on the lamp housing. The state of charge is indicated by a small colored LED in the switch.
You can choose between six different light modes:

-Turbo (1700 lumens; 150 minutes)
-High (950 lumens; 165 minutes)
-Medium (180 lumens; 9 hours)
-Low (22 lumens; 62 hours)
-Firefly (0.5 lumens; 41 days)
-Strobe (1200 lumens; 180 minutes)

The illumination consists of a homogeneously illuminated exterior and a much brighter interior.
The lamp is very suitable for search and rescue operations. Due to the inhomogeneous illumination, however, it is less suitable for everyday use, since either only the middle core is illuminated brightly enough, or it is too bright if you want to illuminate the rest sufficiently. With a lighting range of 750 meters, it is only conditionally suitable for an edc lamp. However, if you are looking for a compact flashlight with very good performance, you have come to the right place

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