In a nutshell: Steiner MRS “MICRO REFLEX SIGHT“

In a nutshell: Steiner MRS “MICRO REFLEX SIGHT” Blog (All Posts), Optics The Steiner MRS is a small compact red dot sight. It is a closed dust and water pressure-tight system and is therefore also very resistant, robust and suitable for all weather conditions. It has a control button on the side with which you can adjust the functions and the brightness and a battery compartment on the other side, so very clear. What you immediately notice when unpacking the optics is that everything you need for assembly and adjustment is included. The supplied Torx key is used to mount the MRS on the Picatinny rail and the small slotted screwdriver is used to adjust the elevation and windage. We use the variant with a Picatinny rail, but there is also the option of using this with the universal plate for a wide variety of mounting systems. This makes a very robust impression and sits very well on the weapon. In the assembly there are two lugs that dip into the rail and ensure a clean alignment. The whole thing is then clamped on one side with a torx screw. The low magnification offers the possibility of aiming at a target with both eyes open. The brightness of the red dot can be adjusted in several levels using the control button on the side. The size of the point is 3 MOA, which we find very comfortable. The brightness levels are as follows: Auto brightness: An integrated sensor recognizes the ambient conditions and automatically regulates the brightness of the point Maximum medium Minimal Night vision mode: Here the point is dimmed so that it can also be used with a night vision device. We have been using the MRS for some time now and are very satisfied, no matter what the weather, whether rain on driven hunts or snow in winter, no matter what the situation, it has not let us down. We have tested it on hunting weapons in hunting use and in the shooting cinema, but also in tactical shooting, e.g. on an AR 15 with thousands of shots. Further information at

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