Whether you are a hunter or a sport shooter, anyone who has ever shot while lying down knows the problem of finding a suitable base.

A very good mat is the Range Mat from AIM Fieldsports. It is a foldable mat that has a folded size of 60 x 50 x 8 cm and weighs only 2600 grams.
Folded like this, it can be transported in the supplied waterproof shoulder bag. Thanks to the well thought-out position of the handles, the mat can be unpacked and ready to use in just a few seconds.
Unpacked, the mat has a size of 180 x 90 x 1.3 cm and is thick enough to offer enough comfort on rough surfaces such as gravel. Since it is waterproof, it can be used almost anywhere.
It has loops on the corners that can be used to attach it to the floor if necessary. The edges of the mat are extra reinforced. This guarantees longevity.
The front third of the mat is rubberized and thus offers the best grip to hang up a weapon. Transparent pockets are attached on the left and right to protect equipment and still keep it visible.
When the mat is no longer needed, it can be very easily folded up again using the same handles used for unpacking. The bottom surfaces are folded on top of each other. This means that no dirt can get to the top when folded and the mat is quickly ready for use again.


The AIM Range Mat is a shooting mat that is very suitable for both sport shooters and hunters. It is robust, waterproof and well padded and can therefore be used anywhere, even for a long time.

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