Lightweight, comfortable and well insulating

Here i show you the self-inflating sleeping mat Prolite 3.8.

It has a foamed material inside and a thickness of 3.8 cm. Self-inflating only up to a certain amount. So you have to inflate it by yourself so that it is completely inflated. In Sweden it has insulated very well at temperatures of up to -5 degrees. I slept very comfortably. It is available in the size regular (for women) or large (for men).

I am a woman and i took the size regular. The next time i would buy a size larger. If the sleeping bag overlaps due to its size some cold air can get upwards, so it is better to take the larger version. It’s easy to clean with a cleaning rag and curd soap and looks like new.

The pack size is very small and light weight (740 g). Unfortunately there is only the color orange. Here I would prefer a color like camouflage. You can buy the mat  for example at Globetrotter store:

technical details: R-value: 3,2

Author: Meriem Weigert

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