In the following I will introduce you to the PAT gas cartridge adapter from the manufacturer Kovea Co., Ltd from South Korea. Supply source in Europe is Mercatorgear in Great Britain.

On the German market, Kovea is not as well known as other camping stove brands. Internationally there are different standards of gas cartridges. The three most common are the Campinggaz click-on system, the screw valve cartridge with 7/16″-28 UNEF thread and the MSF-1a system. To be more flexible when choosing gas cartridges, there is an adapter for each system. Most stoves have the screw valve connection with a 7/16″-28 UNEF internal thread. But what do you do if the screw-in cartridges are not available and only the well-known blue click-on cartridges with the bayonet lock are available? This is where the PAT adapter comes in handy.

The top of the adapter features the thread for the screw valve connection. The corresponding cookers can be screwed onto this. On the underside is the CV bayonet connection, which is pressed onto the CV cartridge and turned to lock.

The massive metal body is striking. A sealing ring is inserted inside the connection. The adapter rotates as soon as the outer metal wing is pushed in. It is pressed in when it is attached to the cartridge. After rotation, the plastic lips hold the adapter firmly on the cartridge.

The good thing about this adapter is that it can be removed from the cartridge at any time, which makes transport easier.

After the adapter is locked on the cartridge, the cooker can be screwed on. The cooker is now ready for use.

EA test with a kettle shows that the adapter is working properly:

It should be noted that the usual safety rules when handling the fuel must be observed. A stove that is attached directly to the cartridge has an increased risk of tipping over. The stability improves if you use a cartridge foot or a hose stove.

After cooking, disassemble the main groups in reverse order of how they were connected.

The adapter weighs approx. 71g and can be purchased from the online shop at

Further information about Kovea products can be found here:

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